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Transcriptions for Empire State Outdoors

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Promo Episode
Colleen: Hi I’m Colleen
Tim: and I’m Tim
Colleen: For nature hiking, biking, bird watching or kayaking you don’t have to look much further than the Empire State.
Tim: That’s right Colleen and our program Empire State Outdoors is proof of that. On our show we’ll give you the inside look at just what to do outside in New York State. Weather it’s hiking on the sandy shorelines of western New York, or going on a boating excursion for fish downstate. We promise to deliver a hands on look at New York outdoors.
Colleen: Each time you see us on ESO we could be as far north as The Thousand Islands, or as far east as we are today right here on the very tip of Long Island. Bringing you features from all across the state. Here’s a sample of one now from the Beaver Kill River in the Catskills.
Tim: Ahh yes our very first adventure into fly fishing
Colleen: Wit-choo
Fisherman: Like with Cooperstown is to baseball Beaver Kill is to fly fishing. It’s historic, it’s legendary, all the great fly fisherman of America have fished here at one time or another.
Colleen: We didn’t want to just take their word for it so we ventured into town to get our own waders and our mandatory fishing license and took on the Beaver Kill River to fly fish first hand.
Position it, float and move, power, hey
Fisherman: Yes. Piece of cake
Tim: Floyd, you’re leaving me all alone. What happens if I catch one?
Floyd: All be right there beside you in a flash
Fisherwoman: When I’m here I think of nothing else but how to fool a trout, and enjoy the nature of ah just being out and not just of fishing, looking at birds and just being out here renews my soul.
Colleen: This fisherwoman found more than a renewed spirit on the river she also found herself a husband.
Fisherwoman: We were fishing up at the, actually it was in the Adirondacks and that’s when I asked him, and he said yes. And he said..
Husband: I said it very quickly
Fisherwoman: yes you did, he didn’t hesitate
Colleen: Tim, the Beaver Kill was loaded with good stories like that one, but as I recall it didn’t seem to be loaded with too many fish. We didn’t catch any!
Tim: Well they say it was loaded with fish but you’re right we didn’t catch any, but what an experience and that’s what Empire State Outdoors is all about, experiencing, and learning about all of the wonderful recreational opportunities and natural resources across the state
Colleen: This program is your source for learning about some of the state’s threatened or endangered species in weekly segments like Outdoor Classroom we’ll learn fun facts, and important information on New York’s natural wonders.
Tim: and we’ll meet the men and women who help to maintain a healthy environment making it possible for us to enjoy these beautiful surroundings.
Colleen: and we’ll highlight some regional activities like this Earth Day fair from the Capital District. One of the best field trips of the year for any student is a visit to the Earth Day environmental fair at Five Rivers in Delmar, New York. Students learn how to prevent forest fires, how to clean up an oil spill and how pollution affects our ecosystem all in just one afternoon. But the importance of preserving our natural resources for future generations will last a lifetime.
Guide: Earth Day comes just once a year but we try to think of Earth Day as everyday Earth Day is everyday something we like to say and this is a good way to show them that they can do some things every single day and have it benefit the earth and all of us.
Colleen: Finding ways to protect the environment starts with knowing what other living creatures share it.
Nature Guide: Don’t forget to listen to the birds singing above our heads there.
Colleen: Weather its identifying different species in their habitats or knowing what to do with aluminum cans students are armed with the knowledge of how to save our ever changing planet and the message seems to be getting across.
Female Student: We usually recycle old bottles and stuff and I use the backs of my paper.
Male Student: recycle, um reuse, and reduce
Male Student 2: Do all kinds of things, that me, that um make the world umm that help mother earth and stop pollution.
Tim: Though it turns out Empire State Outdoors can be entertaining and educational
Colleen: It helps when you are learning all about the outdoor New York that you can actually have fun doing it.
Tim: Like the time we went to the Hudson River White Water Derby
Colleen: Now that was a blast! Here’s a little taste
Rafter: You’re talking about a rush. It’s all about the rush.
Rafter in gear: We’re gonna have some fun on the water.
Man: I am ready for the river.
Tim: Anyone with a passion for the rapids should head to North Creek, New York which has been home to the annual Hudson River White Water Derby for nearly half a century. For a small in the middle of a big mountain range the derby unites an entire community.
Woman Rafter: I just think people love to be, to get to know the river and be part of it. It’s a whole different feeling than flat water and you know boating and swimming in the lakes. The river kinda has a life of its own.
Tim: I found that out firsthand. The rapids were a bit too much for me but evidently not for Colleen.
Colleen: Well the Hudson served up a healthy dose of rapids and rocks, but my good friend Marco here kept us high and dry. Thank you Marco.
Marco: Whooo
Colleen: Whooo
Marco: We didn’t swim
Colleen: We didn’t swim
Rafter: You know it’s really nice to be back here every year um the river never changes it always gets exciting for me, it’s never dull uh I’ll be coming back I’ll be coming back till I’m too old to paddle.
Tim: Colleen you had a smile a mile wide when you got out of that canoe
Colleen: Actually, I was exhausted but I’d do it all over again
Tim: Something about being outside in New York makes you feel that way to try your hand at white water rafting, or earth conservation
Colleen: or fly fishing
Tim: or fly fishing, anything it takes to get outside, learn about and enjoy the Empire State outdoors.
Colleen: We’ll see you on the next journey.

Episode 1
(Colleen) “Today on “Empire State Outdoors”! The city of New York--definitely not the concrete jungle, but vibrant and varied natural surroundings that even surprise New Yorkers themselves. This tree isn’t plastic furniture--its part of the expansive and important--urban forest--of New York!”

(Tim) “We will also discover the joy and relaxation of a very popular family activity. Something you can do three seasons of the year in waterways all across New York state--flat-water paddling.”

(Colleen) “And we will get an up-close look at a species of fish over 200 million years old. It’s the Atlantic sturgeon, and it’s making a comeback in New York’s Hudson River.”

(Tim) “All of these stories, plus a visit to the Outdoor Classroom--coming up now on “Empire State Outdoors”!”

Episode 2
On the next “Empire State Outdoors”! Call it a sport, or just a hobby-- there’s always a hidden treasure at the very end of a geocache. What’s that? Join us for some geocaching in western New York next time and find out!
We’ll meet a couple of New York State’s endangered species--first, we head to the capital district to see the beautiful karner blue butterfly…
And then, these birds of prey have been part of the downtown Buffalo skyline since 1995--we’ll meet the urban peregrine falcons of Buffalo.

Episode 3
(Tim) On the next “Empire State Outdoors”! Sir Edmund Hilary was the first to climb Mount Everest. Ever wonder how he got into hiking shape? He started small--with day hikes! Join us as we hike up one of the smaller mountains in Adirondack Park--with one of the better views!

(Colleen) We’ll also learn about another of New York State’s endangered species-- the river otter! Healthy, stealthy and strong, the river otter is making it’s comeback in New York.

(Tim) And we’ll meet a native Staten Islander who finds respite and beauty in one of the busy borough’s most beautiful locations--Mount Loretto.

Episode 4
(Tim) Bring your toe warmers and your auger on the next “ESO”--it’s wintertime in New York State, and we’ll head out to the middle of Lake Champlain to do some ice fishing!

(Colleen) We go on a search for wildlife in the wintertime--first it’s off to a bear den in western New York where we discover these cute little bear cubs, and then we hit the Adirondacks to track down a moose!

(Tim) Finally, we’ll get quite the aerobic workout when we go cross-country skiing.  Join us as we kick and glide our way through the Empire State.

Episode 5
(Colleen) On the next “Empire State Outdoors”, more skiing!  But this time we’ll hit the downhill slopes--it’s an alpine adventure in the Empire State.

(Tim) Then, “ESO” heads indoors to visit a duck decoy carver--these decoys are actually used for hunting, but we’ll find out that in some ways, they are also works of art.

(Colleen) We’ll strap on some snowshoes and seek out some winter animal tracks in the Catskills--subtle signs of winter are just a walk away!

(Tim) And we’ll take a behind-the-scenes look at the making of one of my favorite breakfast treats--maple syrup!

Episode 6
(Tim) On the next “Empire State Outdoors”…with the winter thaw headed our way, spring is right around the corner, and that means so is the whitewater!  Join us as we ride the Hudson River rapids.

(Colleen) We’ll visit a place in western New York where injured animals are healed—“Messinger Woods Wildlife Care and Education Center”.

(Tim) And, if you’re between the ages of 12 and 15 and have your junior hunting license, you’ll love our feature on the annual Youth Turkey Hunt.  Find out if our junior hunters bag a Thanksgiving dinner!

(Colleen) We’ll also check in on Earth Day activities in the Empire State’s Capital District.

Episode 7
(Tim) Join us next time on “ESO” in the Catskills when Colleen and I try our hand at fly fishing--this isn’t ordinary rod and bait, hook and reel. We’ll find out there’s a serious art to fishing with flies…

(Colleen) Then, you may have seen the signs for this place while traveling on the New  York State Thruway--the “Montezuma Wildlife Refuge” is a haven of wildlife activity just off the busy interstate!

(Tim) And we’ll shuffle off to Buffalo where we’ll take you on a canoe trip down the Buffalo River--a unique way to explore a very historic city in New York State.

Episode 8
(Tim) On the next “ESO”--what’s all the buzz about bird watching? Well, millions of people--and this 12-year-old girl-- can’t all be wrong…bird watching is a blast! Join us for a little bird watching along the shores of Lake Ontario.

(Colleen) Then, we’ll follow this group of kayakers around the entire island of Manhattan. As if that voyage wasn’t challenging enough, one of these kayakers happens to be blind.

(Tim) And we’ll be back in Buffalo, but this time we’ll head to an altogether different part of town--the part where the deer and suburban neighbors meet.

Episode 9
(Colleen) On the next “ESO”, we take a ride up one of New York State’s High Peaks in style--a visit to Whiteface Mountain in the off-season.

(Tim) Also, we’ll get a very exciting look at this eaglet and efforts to restore the eagle population to New York State. He may be only 8 weeks old now, but one day he’ll fledge to become the symbol of our great country--a majestic bald eagle!

(Colleen) And we’ll take you to the Central Pine Barrens--a spot on Long Island that’s five times the size of Manhattan. It’s just off the busy Long Island Expressway, but still worlds away.

Episode 10
(Colleen) On the next “ESO”, we head back to the big apple--not to shop, not to dine, but to fish! Yes, fishing in New York City!

(Tim) We also start our series on a super fun family activity that is popular in the summer but that you can actually do at other times of the year--camping!

(Colleen) And we walk the sandy shores of eastern Lake Ontario where the dunes and boardwalk may actually remind you of the ocean…

Episode 11
(Tim) On the next “Empire State Outdoors”…[woman singing] This woman literally sings her way down the Hudson River. It’s a one-of-a-kind journey by canoe.

(Colleen) We will continue our series on camping-- this time it’s backcountry camping in the Adirondacks. And as Tim and I find out, it’s a whole lot different than camping out of your car.

Tim) And I participate in a good old-fashioned beach seine off the coast of Long Island. What’s a beach seine? You’ll have to tune in to the next “ESO” to find out.

Episode 12
(Colleen) On the next “Empire State Outdoors”…Prospect Park is one of Brooklyn’s best-kept secrets--right in the heart of the borough, and home to the nation’s first urban bird center. We’ll get a first-hand look.

(Tim) We’ll also head to Jones Beach on the south shore of Long Island to meet one of the state’s endangered species--the piping plover.

(Colleen) And we’ll finish our series on camping excursions across the state. This time it’s an altogether different kind of camping--Boat access only--No car required!

Episode 13
(Colleen) On the next “Empire State Outdoors”…We’re back at it for some more fishing, this time we’re in much deeper waters--out on the Great South Bay of Long island. I hope I don’t get seasick.

(Colleen) Attention all women with a penchant for the outdoors--tired of leaving all the fishing, hunting and general outdoors stuff to the men? Then this is the episode for you. We take an in-depth look at a program called “Becoming an Outdoors Woman” which shows just how you can do that.

(Tim) And then I head to another part of the city--one of the greenest New York boroughs--Staten Island. Yes, Staten Island!